Chapter One

I wish time would just slow down. Only four more days until I marry Rabiu. My siblings and I are in the living room when Ladidi, the heartless one, blurts … Continue Reading →

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Q & A with Shelah L. Maul

Kevin Peter of caught up with author Shelah L. Maul and got her to talk a little about her book Hausa Blues. You can find the original interview here: … Continue Reading →

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Meet Zenab

  Zenab used to always believe she was unlucky, cursed even. How could she not? Compared to her sisters, her life was the most difficult. Bad things were always happening … Continue Reading →


A woman without children is a useless wife!

Excerpt from Hausa Blues: “What are you even doing here?” my mother-in-law, Lami, asked when visiting. “You are worthless— just wasting time, and eating food.” The respite between family visits was … Continue Reading →


Someone worth listening to

Who do you believe are the people best equipped to give insight and guidance in your life? I wonder if we’re all subconsciously drawn to listen to people who have … Continue Reading →


Are you resilient?

  I’ve encountered two extremes of people in my life. The first person was born into the best possible earthly circumstances with equal measures of good looks, intelligence, and opportunity. … Continue Reading →